Lauren Mclaughlin Photography


I grew up in Houston, TX where I found my love for photography with my first point and shoot camera when I was in elementary school. When I reached high-school, I took my first photography class. My teachers were passionate artists who ignited my creative side. I loved being in the darkroom and was encouraged to try new and exciting ways to produce images. After high-school, I attended Texas State University in San Marcos, TX where I continued my love for photography while obtaining my Bachelors in Fine Art. As my art evolved, I had great professors to critique and guide me to my own unique vision. After graduating with honors, I worked at a credit union full time and did my art and portrait photography on the side. After 3 years of being in an office setting, I realized I wanted to completely immerse myself in photography and started my own full time business. My love for capturing beauty in the world inspired me to move to Rincon, Puerto Rico to start my career as a photographer. I am extremely excited about the adventures and opportunities that lie ahead.

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